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Inara George


Sirens of Song has a new look and has gone blog.  Which means this page will no longer be updated after April 5, 2009.  But you can still keep track of Inara and the Bird and the Bee by visiting  Recently posted is a photo review of the April 6, 2009 the Bird and the Bee show at the Echoplex in Los Angeles, CA.

A full-sized pic of the vidcap to the left is available in the Inara George Image Gallery.

Inara George along with bandmate Greg Kurstin, who make up the Bird and the Bee, are one of the more prolific artists out right now.  In early 2007, they released their debut self-titled CD, The Bird and the Bee, and followed it up with an EP (Please Clap Your Hands) in Fall 2007.  On February 14th, they released the digital EP, One Too Many Hearts.

The Bird and the Bee will be playing at the Coachella Music Festival on Saturday, April 26th in Indio, CA.

Although it may seem as if Inara and The Bird and the Bee came out of nowhere, she released a solo album back in 2005
(On a completely random note, I recently learned that Greg was a member of the band Geggy Tah, who had a big hit with the "Whoever You Are.")

The Bird and the Bee released their cover of the holiday classic "Carol of the Bells" last December.  Even though the holidays are over, Inara's voice makes it something you wouldn't mind listening to year-round.

There's a ton of great content on the Bird and the Bee myspace page including the chords to "Again & Again," audio of their April 8, 2007 performance at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC and several music videos.  And of course you can leave a message to let them know how much you love their music.

Probably my favorite performance of theirs is available here - it's an exclusive performance of "Again & Again" from the Who's Next series.

The video for "Fools Work" from Inara's solo release can be seen on her website,

Image Gallery

Concert photos and vidcaps are available at the Inara George Image Gallery hosted on flickr. A short video of their "How Deep Is Your Love" cover is on youtube.

Albums/Singles I Own

Shown below is by no means a complete discography. I have only included the albums and singles that I personally own.

The songs with a are the songs that I like the most on each album.  This doesn't necessarily mean I don't like the songs that aren't checked.

The album with a is my favorite album of the artist.

Use the Jukebox to listen to samples from selected songs. Visit Sirens of Song Online Radio to hear full tracks from Inara George and the Bird and the Bee.

One Too Many Hearts - EP (2008)  

  1. Birthday
  2. Last Day of Our Love
  3. Come As You Were
  4. Tonight You Belong To Me

Carol Of The Bells - digital single (2007)  

  1. Carol Of The Bells

Please Clap Your Hands (2007)  

  1. Polite Dance Song
  2. Man
  3. The Races
  4. So You Say
  5. How Deep Is Your Love

The Bird And The Bee (2007)

  1. Again & Again
  2. Birds And The Bees
  3. F*cking Boyfriend
  4. I'm A Broken Heart
  5. La La La
  6. My Fair Lady
  7. I Hate Camera
  8. Because
  9. Preparedness
  10. Spark

All Rise (2005)

  1. Mistress
  2. Fools Work
  3. Genius
  4. No Poem
  5. What A Number
  6. Fools In Love
  7. Good To Me
  8. Pull Things
  9. Turn On/Off
  10. A Day
  11. Everybody Knows


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