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While most R&B music on the radio sounds the same (mainly because the same handful of producers seem to produce everything) Res stands out as a breath of fresh air.  After I learned that she was such a big fan of Esthero that she sought after Doc to produce her album, I knew I found a winner.  Her debut album, How I Do is a mixture of many different genres, including R&B, hip hop, alternative and funk.


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Latest News

Eclipse gum commercialRes will be calling The Mint in Los Angeles, CA her performance home for the next few months, as she'll be playing monthly shows there through June. Shows are scheduled for April 24, May 29 and June 26.

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Res has released her second album, Black.Girls.Rock. which is available again for download via Snocap. You can buy the album from her myspace page.  Sound clips will be posted soon, but you can hear many of the new tracks on Sirens of Song Online Radio.

On August 7, 2004, Res paid a visit to the Roxy in Hollywood. Go to the photo page to see a ton of pics from the show.

If you keep you eyes peeled, you might be lucky enough to catch Res along wiith her song "Let Love" in a new Eclipse gum commerical (pictured to the left).   A full-sized vidcap is on the Vidcap Page.

Visit Res' official website to not only get behind the scenes footage of the shoot, but also watch the video in its entirety. 





Concert Reviews

Black Cat, Washington DC  10/25/01

Subway fare to concert: $2.10
Concert ticket: $15.00
Taxi fare back to subway station after missing the last train: $28.00
Seeing Res in concert: priceless

After opening up for Maxwell at Constitution Hall earlier in the evening, Res made a short trip across town to the Black Cat to headline her own show.  I had been playing her CD to death for the past couple of months, so I was eagerly anticipating seeing her live.  Evidently, many others shared my sentiment, as quite a few flash bulbs lit up the room throughout her performance.

Before Res even took the stage, the band hyped the crowd by playing an instrumental version of Cameo's "Candy."  Just as the instantly-recognizable bass line kicked in, the crowd was primed for Res' entrance. 
When she finally graced the stage wearing a red shirt and jeans, everyone showed their appreciation.

Res kicked things off by singing "Sittin' Back" and promptly after the song the crowd started shouting out requests.  Of course, "Golden Boys" rang out and Res teased the crowd, saying it's too early in the show to do that one.  Instead, she decided to slow things down a bit with "Ice King."  The band gave us an alternate taste of the song before rolling into the album version.  I wasn't able to get a setlist, so I am going from memory but she also performed "If There Ain't Nothing, " "Let Love" and "Tsunami."  
Unfortunately, I was not able to stay for the whole show, and I left right after hearing Res perform my favorite song (and hers, too) "They-Say Vision."  

She definitely wasn't afraid to interact with the audience, which made for an up-close and intimate performance.  I don't know whether she was aware I had a camera, but there were several times where she seemed to look right at me, as if giving me the opportunity for a perfect picture.   Res got so involved with the crowd that a few eager fans at the front of the stage caused her to miss a cue.  Without missing a beat, she jokingly told them that they were distracting her.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Res made sure to point out a couple of family members who made the trip down to D.C. to see her.  She even used her stage time to do a little promotion...not of herself, but of a band she thought everyone should know about.  She tore off a flier that was taped around her arm and passed it to the audience, asking everyone to pass it around.  She admitted that it was a little sweaty from being stuck to her arm, but no one seemed to mind one bit. 

A sign of a good performance is walking away with even more appreciation for the artist than before the show, and Res definitely passed that test.  She has an incredible stage presence and energy that makes you move without even knowing it.  The performance was so tight that I gained a new respect for songs that weren't my favorite from the album.  It was my first time seeing her and definitely won't be my last.  Not being able to see the whole show gives me even more reason to see her next time she comes to town.

Pictures from the show are available on the Photo Page.

Image Gallery

Concert photos and vidcaps from "Golden Boys," "They Say Vision" and more are available at the Res Image Gallery hosted on flickr.

Albums/Singles I Own

The songs with a are the songs that I like the most on the album.  
The album with a is my favorite album of the artist.


Black.Girls.Rock (2008) digital download - Res' Snocap Store on myspace

  1. On My Way
  2. For Who You Are
  3. By Myself
  4. Sunday Nite Res
  5. There's No Way
  6. Let You Go
  7. Leave Here Tomorrow
  8. Angry
  9. Bittersweet
  10. Not A Pretender
  11. Party

How I Do (2001)

  1. Golden Boys
  2. They-Say Vision
  3. 700 Mile Situation
  4. Ice King
  5. Sittin' Back
  6. How Do I
  7. If There Ain't Nothing
  8. The Hustler
  9. I've Known The Garden
  10. Let Love
  11. Tsunami
  12. hidden track

Enhanced promo CD (2001)

  1. Golden Boys
  2. Ice King
  3. They Say Vision
  4. Sittin' Back
  5. Tsunami

**CD also includes "Golden Boys" video, interviews, performance and behind the scenes footage


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